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Travel Information
Ilia in Peloponnese Greece
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Ilia - Archaeological Sites of Ilia, Peloponnese

Information About Ilia Archaeological Sites

Ilia Archaeological Sites - Ancient Olympia

Ilia Archaeological Sites - Ancient Olympia

The sanctuary of Olympia stretches out from the foothills of Kronios, between the rivers of Alfios and Kladeos. The worshipping of Olympia is lost deep in the past. According to some findings it was a place of worship even during the Mycenaean Period, when Pelopas and Ipodamia were worshipped. Its history must date even further back though to the worship of Kronos, Rea, Eileithuia, Themida and the Idaios Hercules. At the end of the 4th century BC, the Sanctuary takes its final form which undergoes various alterations during the hellenistic and roman years.

Ilia Archaeological Sites - The Temple of Epikourios Apollo (Apollo the Helper)

Ilia Archaeological Sites - Επικούρειος Απόλλωνας

This is the first entirely preserved temple that combines all 3 ancient architectural orders: Ionic, Doric and Corinthian. The temple, work of the architect Parthenon Iktinos, dates back to 420 BC and was built on the ruins of an older temple by the people of Figalea in honor of Apollo the Helper as a token of gratitude after their salvation from the plague. The temple is built from the local limestone and consists of an entrance hall (pronaos), a cella (siko) and a porch at the rear of the temple (opisthodromos). The temple faces from north to south. The cella contains a column with a Corinthian capital, the most ancient specimen of this architectural order. The temple itself was decorated with a marble anaglyph depicting an Amazon battle and a Centaur battle.

Ilia Archaeological Sites - Chlemoutsi Castle

Ilia Archaeological Sites - Chlemoutsi Castle

Chlemoutsi Castle is built on top of a hill with a magnificent panoramic view of the Ilia plain and the Ionian Sea. It was built in 1220-1223 by Prince Geoffrey I Villehardouin and is considered the most important fort of the Frankish principality in Achaia. The castle has two enclosures. The inner enclosure, which contains the prince’s quarters, a small church and the soldiers’ lodgings, is built on the highest part of the hill and has the shape of an irregular hexagon formed by a series of vaulted halls around a large central court. In the exterior enclosure that covers the perimeter from North to West there are ruins of buildings, reservoirs, and a Turkish mosque.

Ilia Archaeological Sites - Ancient Ilida

Ilia Archaeological Sites - Ancient Ilida

Ilida, the capital of Ilion, was the town that organized the Olympic Games. The ruins of ancient buildings found in the area date back to hellinistic and roman times.


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