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ilia Peloponnese hotels and apartments greece


Travel Information
Ilia in Peloponnese Greece
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Ilia - General Information About Ilia, Peloponnese

Information About Ilia Region

Ilia peloponissos hotels and apartments greece

The prefecture of Ilia, the northwest part of Peloponnesus, belongs to the Periphery of West Greece and its west coast meets the Ionian Sea. It takes up an expanse of 2618m2 with a population of 193.288. The capital is Pyrgos while the most important archeological site in Greece, Ancient Olympia, is located to the east. The prefecture comprises of 22 municipalities.

The Prefecture of Ilia is mostly flat land and the valley of Ilia is the largest in Peloponnesus. The climate is mild and warm with a relatively high percentage of rain. It is know for its numerous therapeutic springs, beautiful beaches, rich flora and fauna as well as remarkable ecosystems.

Ilia peloponissos hotels and apartments greece

Holidays in Ilia are definitely memorable. The amazing beaches with golden sand and pine trees that reach the coast (Kyllini, Kaiafas, Kourouta) are definitely worth visiting. The beaches of the Patraikou and Kyparisiakou Gulf welcome thousands of visitors every year. The 120km long coastline has countless beaches to satisfy every expectation.

The Temple of Apollo the Helper and the archeological site of Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, is a must when visiting the area.


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