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argolida Peloponnese hotels and apartments greece


Travel Information
Argolida in Peloponnese Greece
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Argolida - General Information About Argolida, Peloponnese

Information About Argolida Region

Argolida peloponissos hotels and apartments greece

The Argolida Prefecture occupies the eastern tip of Peloponnesus. It borders with the prefecture of Corinth on the North, the Saronic Gulf on the East and the prefecture of Arcadia on the South. It is the smallest prefecture of Peloponnesus at 2154.30 square kilometers which accounts for 13.51% of the entire Peloponnesus area and 1.63% of the entire country.

Capital of the prefecture is the majestic and famous Nafplion with its wonderful historic significance. The Argolida Prefecture belongs to the Peloponnese region that has Tripoli as it’s capital city. The Mycenaean civilization flourished in Argolida, leaving a great legacy through its insurmountable creations, revealing the grandeur of ancient Greek culture. Argolida gave birth to great historic personalities which pioneered in the struggles of the nation. It is no coincidence that Nafplio was the first capital of the newly established Greek state. Argolida is surrounded by mountains and plains which in combination with the sea breeze and green valleys create unique aesthetic landscapes.

Argolida peloponissos hotels and apartments greece

The acquaintance with Argolida reserves many pleasant surprises. We begin our tour from Argos, the oldest city of Greece. A city with a history of 5 millennia! A city with both rich history and present in Greece. It is built at the foothills of Larissa and Aspidos, which protected the city and enhanced its defense throughout history. Its geographical position, at the edge of one of the most fertile valleys of the country and the proximity to roads connecting the northern Peloponnese with the Aegean and the Mediterranean favored the continuous inhabitation of the city.

Nafplio claims the title of the most beautiful city of the prefecture. The always charming first capital of Greece is in the limelight of travelers. What distinguishes Nafplio from other destinations is that it attracts visitors throughout the entire year. This is because the choices offered accommodate all tastes for all seasons.


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