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Eglises de  Chios Eglises de Chios

Nea Moni

The Nea Moni Monastery was built in the 11th century (around 1042 – 1056) and was dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. It covers an area of approximately 17,000 m2 and is located
in the central region of the island of Chios. The buildings comprising the Nea Moni Monastery include the main church (catholicon), 2 smaller churches, a table or trapeza which was the monks’ dining area, the monks’ quarters (kelia) and underground tanks (kinsternes) that were built to collect water. In the northwest corner of the Monastery, there stands a strong defensive tower. A tall, stone-wall surrounds the complex of the Monastery.

The Moundon Monastery

The Monastery is located in the village of Diefha which lies in the northern part of Chios.
It honors the name of Agios Yiannis Prodromos (St. John the Baptist) on August 29th of each year. In 1574, it was renovated by the monk Iakovos Lagadiotis and was considered the most significant monastery following Nea Moni.

Eglises de  Chios Agios Minas Monastery

The Reverend Neofitos Koumanos
and his son, Reverend Minas, built
the Monastery between 1572 and
1595 under the Patriarch Jeremiah II. The Monastery was built on the top of a hill, just outside the village of Nehori. It was intended to be an abbey for monks, however, in 1932, it was converted into a Monastery and is currently home to 25 nuns that occupy their time with religious painting, crafts and sewing ecclesiastical garments.
The Monastery has become famous and is well known worldwide. It is directly linked with Chios’ recent history and more specifically with the Massacre of Chios in 1822 when the Turks slaughtered and burned 3,000 Chians who had flocked to the Monastery from surrounding villages to be saved.

Myrsinidi Monastery

Founder of this monastery is the monk Christoforos Seremelis (1897). It is dedicated to Panagia Myrtidiotissa (Virgin of the Myrtles) of the miraculous icon which the monk found in the sea below the monastery. It celebrates its feast day on September 24 when crowds of worshippers come to honor Her Grace.The monastery offered valuable philanthropic services during the German occupation as well as during the resistance movement of World War II.

Eglises de  Chios The Monastery of Agia Markella

The Monastery of Agia Markella is located alongside a beautiful sandy-stone beach in the northern region of Chios, approximately 45 kilometers from the town of Chios. The Monastery was built
in honor of the saint’s martyrdom in 1500 A.D.At the end of the beach, there's a path leading to where the martyred Saint Marcella. At this point in the sea, hot water gushes from the earth.

The Metropolitan church of Chios

The Metropolitan Church of Chios (St Victors) stands magnificently in the capital centre next to the Korai Library. It is dedicated in memory of the three martyrs Minas, Victor and Vincent and
is celebrated on 11 November, which coincides with the Chios’ day of independence from the Turks (11 November 1912).

L'île de Chios
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