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Etoloakarnania in Central Greece
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Etoloakarnania - Archaeological Sites of Etoloakarnania, Central Greece

Information About Etoloakarnania Archaeological Sites

Etoloakarnania Archaeological Sites - Plevronas

Etoloakarnania Archaeological Sites - Plevronas

The ruins of Plevrona are located northwest of Mesolonghi, one of the greatest ancient cities of Aetolia which bared the name of one of the mythological heroes.

The ancient city was destroyed in 234 BC by Dimitrios Poliorkitis and the inhabitants built New Plevronas on the south slope of Arakynthos. The visitor faces the ruins of the wall when looking at the slope when crossing the national road. The castle of Plevrona is known as the “Castle of lady Rene”. The surrounding wall is preserved in very good condition and bears 30 towers and 7 gates.

The ancient theatre of Plevrona, which is dated approximately around the 3rd century BC. Is built on a natural slope and occupies the entire west wing of the area inside the walls. The choice of the position was made according the morphology of the ground as well as the captivating view of the islands of Kefalonia and Zakynthos.

Etoloakarnania Archaeological Sites - Ancient Stratos

Etoloakarnania Archaeological Sites - Ancient Stratos

The city of Stratos was the capital city of ancient Acarnania. Crossing the bridge of Acheloos we face the walls of ancient Stratos, the greatest, most powerful and rich city of ancient Acarnania on the right riverside of Acheloos. The half-ruined, yet glorious walls of the city rise before us.

The area was inhabited in late Greek times, but the city of Stratos obtained significance during the 5th century BC. In 429 BC and in 391 BC. It was besieged by Spartans. In 346 BC. approximately the king of Macedonia, Cassander, seized the city as did the Aetolians in 263 BC. In 188 BC. It was dominated by the Romans and the downfall began after the establishment of Nicopolis.

Many impressive ruins are preserved in the area such as the temple of Zeus Stratios. This temple was built during the 4th century BC. and is slightly bigger than the Athenian temple of Hephaestus ("Thiseio"). The acropolis is at the crown of the northern barrow of the surrounding wall, the last fortress rather than sanctum of the city.

Etoloakarnania Archaeological Sites - The Archaeological Site in Lykoniko (Monastiraki)

Etoloakarnania Archaeological Sites - The Archaeological Site in Lykoniko (Monastiraki)

The archaeological site is located between the peaks of Kastri (555m)(east) and Tampouria or Vrachakia (580m.)(north). These peaks were fortified and were probably the acropolis of this ancient town. Between them parts of the ancient wall shine, towards ancient Paleros on the west, Thyrreio east and the country church of St. George on the south. In several places the wall is interrupted by natural, steep rocks which probably replaced it. The area surrounded by these walls is approximately 140 acres.

Inside the walls visitors can see ruins of ancient buildings. The ceramics are plenty. There are scattered smithereens from the buildings and it is possible that during the construction of the Byzantine temple of the Almighty they moved there in order to be used in the construction.

Etoloakarnania Archaeological Sites - Ancient Thyrreio

Etoloakarnania Archaeological Sites - Ancient Thyrreio

Built in the middle-age location of St. Vasileios, ancient Thyrreio was the largest or at least on of the largest cities of Acarnania. Judging by the wall perimeter it reached 10 klm. (9914 meters) and many researchers believe it was even larger than the 5th century BC. Athens. No researcher has determined the correct spelling of the name as in ancients scripts we find it written in different ways, "Thyrreion", "Thirion" even "Thourion". On inscriptions and coins we see it written as "Thyrreion".


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