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macedonia  hotels and apartments north greece


Travel Information
Macedonia in North Greece
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Macedonia - General Information About Macedonia, North Greece

Information About Macedonia Region

macedonia hotels and apartments north greece

Macedonia is a geographical section that defines the northern part of Greece. The northern borders separate Greece from Bulgaria and FYROM while to the south Macedonian borders meet the geographical section of Thessaly and the Aegean Sea, to the east is Thrace and to the west the geographical section of Epirus and of course Albania.

More precisely the west borders run along the river Nestos (West Thrace) down to its outfalls in the Aegean Sea and then along the coast up to Egiani, near Platamonas and along the northern side of Thessaly and the prefectures of Larisa and Trikala.

macedonia hotels and apartments north greece

From there along a section of Epirus until the Mavrouvouni peak in Mt Pindos. The northern borders with FYROM stretch out for 244 km and continue along the borders of Bulgaria for approximately the same distance up to the Nestos river.

In total, Macedonia covers an area of approx 34,231 m2.


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