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Laconia - Peloponnese Hotels and Apartments

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Travel Information
Laconia in Peloponnese Greece
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Laconia - Cities & Villages of Laconia, Peloponnese

Information About Laconia Cities & Villages

Laconia - Gythio Town

Laconia - Gythio Town

Gythio is located approx 40km south of Sparta and some of its main characteristics are its island architecture with the 2 & 3-storey neoclassic houses, the numerous fish taverns and of course the lively atmosphere of the village as a popular summer resort surrounded by beautiful beaches.

Laconia - Monemvasia Town

Laconia - Monemvasia Town

It is a Byzantine village built on a 300m high rock overlooked by its castle. There is a bridge that connects Monemvasia to the mainland but there is also a highspeed ferry from Piraeus which then continues to Kythira and Kissamos Crete. The port of Monemvasia is considered one of the safest retreats.

Laconia - City of Sparta

Laconia - City of Sparta

In the upper valley of the Evrota river, in the shadow of Mt Taygetos, Sparta is always ready to offer shelter to visitors throughout the year. As capital of the Prefecture of Lakonia, 220km from Athens and with a population of over 14,000, Sparta has all the contemporary comforts to satisfy every visitor and is a perfect “base” for exploring the surrounding area by public transportation.

Laconia - Pellana

Laconia - Pellana

Pellana is built on a hill, an extension of the mountain range of Taygetos, with a fertile valley and plenty of water. The village used to be called Georgitsiana Kalyvia and is 1912 it was renamed to Kalyvia. It got its modern name in 1932.


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