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Travel Information
Laconia in Peloponnese Greece
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Laconia - History of Laconia, Peloponnese

Information About Laconia History

Laconia peloponissos hotels and apartments greece

Inhabited since the Neolithic perios (6000-3000 BC), Lakonia has been the centre of much turbulence throughout its history with consequences that affected the entire ancient world of Greece.

According to tradition, the first inhabitants – the Leleges – were assimilated by the Iones and the Achaioi tribes. The numerous findings, cemeteries and settlements found in the vaster area of Sparta indicate that the region was densely populated during the Mycenaean period. The Dorians settled in the region around 1100 BC and managed to occupy the entire Lakonia area.

Lakonia was raided many times mainly by the Goths, while Slavic tribes later settled in the area and were “Hellenized” between 10th – 13th century. Lakonia was attached by the Turks in 1458 but were not able to defeat the entire area and many areas such as Mani were able to keep their independence

In 1685 the area was occupied by the Venetians until 1715 when it was reoccupied utterly destroyed by the Turks. Lakonia took part in the 1821 revolution.


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