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Laconia - Peloponnese Hotels and Apartments

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Travel Information
Laconia in Peloponnese Greece
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Laconia - Archaeological Sites of Laconia, Peloponnese

Information About Laconia Archaeological Sites

Laconia Archaeological Sites - Mystras

Laconia Archaeological Sites - Mystras

The ageless town of Mystras covers the steep slope of the strange hill with it’s castle overlooking the area from the peak. Only 5km from Sparta, Mystras, lives on in the historical memories of the people. With its fortifications, churches, palaces, mansions, graphic houses, narrow streets and fountains it casts a magic spell on the thousands of visitors and offers them valuable knowledge about the evolutions and culture of the Byzantine Empire.

Laconia Archaeological Sites - The Monemvasia Rock

Laconia Archaeological Sites - The Monemvasia Rock

A Byzantine and Venetian castle town built on a small rocku island just off the coast, Monemvasia offers its immense beauty to thousands of visitors every year. The town has known days of prosperity and glory but also many sieges and occupations. There aren’t many facts from its early history but its geographical position has definitely put Monemvasia on the map many times throughout its more recent history.

Laconia Archaeological Sites - Ancient Theatre of Sparta

Laconia Archaeological Sites - Ancient Theatre of Sparta

On the southwest side of the hill of the Acropolis under the Temple of Athena lies the ancient theatre of Sparta. It is one of the largest theatres with an exterior diameter of 140m. The present form of the theater is from the Roman period and to be exact from its last retrofit during the reign of emperor Theodosios.

Laconia Archaeological Sites - Leonidion

Laconia Archaeological Sites - Leonidion

Leonidion is located on the north side of the town Kenotafio and dates back to the 5th century BC. It is a small temple-like building, separated into two chambers 12.5m in length and 8.3m in width, built on big lime stones. It is believed that this is where the bones of Leonidas were moved to and buried. It used to be on the west side of the agora (market place) opposite the theatre and the Spartans used to carry out various tournaments.


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