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Travel Information
Korinthia in Peloponnese Greece
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Korinthia - History of Korinthia, Peloponnese

Information About Korinthia History

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The first signs of inhabitation during prehistoric ages are found in the areas of Feneou, Stymfalia, Nemea, the Vouliagmenis lake of Loutraki but mainly the settlement of Korakos at the west exit of today’s city of Corinth.

Excavations showed proof of habitation from the 5th millennium B.C. and flourished until the 2nd millennium B.C. when its demise is observed. In 1900 B.C., the coastland of Corinth is inhabited by Ionians, while the south part by Arcadians. In 1500 B.C. Ahaians appear in all Corinth and the first Mycenaean centers are created.

In 1200 B.C. the Dorians invade Peloponnesus. In 433 B.C. a number of conflicts and vendettas between two greek cities and their colonies led to the 2nd Peloponnesian War. So in 429 B.C. the Corinthian fleet failed to defeat the Athenians during a sea battle northwest from Patras, while in 425 B.C. the debarkation of the Athenian army led to their defeat, although in 424 B.C. they were able to retrieve Megara from the Athenians.

In 146 B.C. the Romans seazed the city of Corinth. They slaughtered all men, sold women and children as slaves, rummaged the city and finally set it on fire.

During the end of the first millennium A.C., Corinth knew great industrial growth, which resulted in great wealth but was also the cause for the Norman rummaging during 1146.

On March 14th, 1821, at Saint George of Zaholis the revolution flag, which carried the symbols of the Filiki Eteria, was raised.

Finally, after the sea battle of Nauarino, in October 1827, Ibrahims army was scattered Peloponnesus and Corinthia was freed and consisted the core of the first Greek nation, whose independence was officially recognized on January 22nd, 1830.


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