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Ilia - Peloponnese Hotels and Apartments

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Travel Information
Ilia in Peloponnese Greece
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Ilia - Cities & Villages of Ilia, Peloponnese

Information About Ilia Cities & Villages

Ilia - Linistena

Ilia - Linistena

Linistena is situated at an altitude of 820m on the “west horizon” of Andritsena. The Alamana river crosses the village on the one side while the other side of the village is overlooked by the impressive mountains of Rakkalina with the 120 natural springs. It is also worth visiting the squares of Panovrysi and Katovrysi, the beautiful creek amongst the trees with the continuous stone steps, the watermill of Markosmyrneon, the Frankish Tower, the “Leniko”, Kefalovryso with its mill and spring, and also the castle.

Ilia - Kryoneri

Ilia - Kryoneri

The community of Kryoneri (Cold-water, named after the spring that supplies the village) is located northeast of Amaliada at a distance of 10km and an altitude of 450m. Its original name was Lopesi which is Slavic meaning grazing land. It is surrounded by pine forest and the main profession of the locals is cattle-breeding and the production of raisins, wheat and olives.

Ilia - Amaliada

Ilia - Amaliada

This town has the largest number of newly built houses with gardens and courtyards due to the damage caused by the Bartholomiou and Pyrgos earthquakes in 1988 and 1993 respectively. Various fully organized settlements have been built on the coast near Amaliada with great potential to attract visitors.

Ilia - Avgio

Ilia - Avgio

The Avgio is one of the oldest settlements in the plain of Ilia. It ‘s called after the King Avgias and is located northwest of Amaliada at an altitude of 75m.


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