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Travel Information
Argolida in Peloponnese Greece
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Argolida - Archaeological Sites of Argolida, Peloponnese

Information About Argolida Archaeological Sites

Argolida Archaeological Sites - Mycenae

Argolida Archaeological Sites - Mycenae

In the middle of a dream-like but nevertheless wild landscape, which softens towards the south and the Argolic bay, you find the mythical Mycenean Acropolis. The unique Gate of Lions the Funerary Circle A – which was the cemetery during the Mycenaean era- the magnificent Mycenean palace with its consequent rooms and numerous dwelling houses with the numerous archeological finds, the Funarery Circle B’ with the 24 graves, 14 of which are royal, the “Treasure of Atreus” (or the Grave of Agamemnon) along with many other buildings embrace the visitor and takes him back thousands of years.

Argolida Archaeological Sites - Αncient Epidauros

Argolida Archaeological Sites - Αncient Epidauros

On the ridges of Mount Akra with pine trees descending from its sides all the way down to the waters of Epidauros's bay, the city of Ancient Epidauros is built where the actual ancient civilization of Epidauros flourished, not far away from the Sanctuary of Asklipios and the well-known ancient theatre. As Kores, Ionians and Dorians passed from the city, it gradually became an important trade center while holding its own colonies. Here was the Sanctuary of Asklipios, a temple dedicated to Dionysus, a grove dedicated to goddess Artemis and the Sanctuary of goddess Aphrodite, while in the area of the peninsula which protectively embraces the waters of the harbor, the excavations of the Sanctuary of Hera brought to light chamber-like Mycenean graves, a cemetery with engraved tomb stones and a vast variety of statues and inscriptions.

Argolida Archaeological Sites - Τyrins

Argolida Archaeological Sites - Τyrins

On the road that links Argos to Nauplio, built upon a rocky height, is the Acropolis of Tyrins, one of the most important cities of Mycenae, closely linked to the myth of Hercules. The city was founded by Tyrins, son of Argos and grandson of Zeus, who according to the legend was the one who built the impregnable walls with the help of the Cyclops.

Inhabited before the Pre-Hellenic era, Tyrins flourished until the descent of the Doriis and was destroyed from the Argians in 460 BC.


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