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Arcadia - Peloponnese Hotels and Apartments

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Travel Information
Arcadia in Peloponnese Greece
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Arcadia - Cities & Villages of Arcadia, Peloponnese

Information About Arcadia Cities & Villages

Arcadia - Partheni

Arcadia - Partheni

Partheni is a mountain village, built on the hillside of Mt Partheni at an altitude of 850m near Argolida. It is characterized by the traditional stone houses, the picturesque railway station with the little coffee shop, the old church of St George with the beautiful frscoes, and the smaller church of Agion Theodoron built in the plain. At the main square, protected by the magnificent plane trees, you come across the beautiful old school.

Arcadia - Neohori

Arcadia - Neohori

Neohori (or Nihori) is a lowland village in the municipality of Korythiou, 12km east of Tripoli, at an altitude of 670m, on the foothills of Mt Ktenia. The local economy is based on farming, mainly on the cultivation of potatoes, cereals, and a bit of stockbreeding.

Arcadia - Platanos

Arcadia - Platanos

The village of Platanos in built on the mountainside of Mt Parnona, in the middle of a virgin forest with chestnut, pine and fir trees. The traditional settlement has paved alleys, rich flora with pear trees, cherry trees, walnut trees and plenty of water. You must visit the old watermill, the village church of St Anne and the tower of Mira. Southeast of the village is the Spilakia gorge with the thick vegetation and running water which flows into the river Vrasiatis. Ideal for hiking. Next to the gorge is the cave Sotiros.

Arcadia - Paralio Astros

Arcadia - Paralio Astros

Paralio Astros is located approx 30km from Argos and Nafplion and approx 50km from Tripoli. It is a contemporary village will all modern-day comforts, nice shops, restaurants, bars, traditional houses and villas for rent, hotels and hostels. The nearby beach of Kalypso is 8km long with fine golden sand and welcomes countless yachts and sailing boats during the summer period.


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