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Arcadia - Peloponnese Hotels and Apartments

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arcadia Peloponnese hotels and apartments greece


Travel Information
Arcadia in Peloponnese Greece
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Arcadia - General Information About Arcadia, Peloponnese

Information About Arcadia Region

Arcadia peloponissos hotels and apartments greece

Τhe prefecture of Arcadia is to be found in the centre of Peloponnese. It lies among the prefectures of Corinth to the north, Argolida to the east, Lakonia to the south and Messinia to the south and Ilia to the west.

The largest cities of Arcadia are Megalopoli (5135 citizens), Leonidio (3249 citizens), Astros (2674 citizens), Levidi (1219 citizens) and Tyros (1211 citizens). The towns of Dimitsana and Vytina have also grown in recent years due to the increase of tourism in the area.

Arcadia peloponissos hotels and apartments greece

This is a land rich in history, myths, legends, traditions and struggles. It has always been present in the historical events from ancient times through the Byzantine era to the more contemporary historical events. There are monuments in the area from every major historical event.

There are two mountain ranges in Arkadia, Menalos and Parnonas. The magical villages of Arcadia and Arkadian monasteries are spread out on their slopes like colorful strokes of a paintbrush on a deep green canvas. In the centre of the prefecture lies the Mantinia Plateau with the historical city of Tripolitsa. The rivers of Ladona, Alfios and Lusios flow under the stone bridges and along the fjord-like coasts.


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