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Travel Information
Ahaia in Peloponnese Greece
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Ahaia - Archaeological Sites of Ahaia, Peloponnese

Information About Ahaia Archaeological Sites

Ahaia Archaeological Sites - Ano Louson Archaeological Site

Ahaia Archaeological Sites - Ano Louson Archaeological Site

The archaeological site of Ano Louson is located in the village of Lousoi or Soudena, 15klm. From Kalavryta. Preserveds are the ruins of one of the most well-known Arcadian cities that according to historical sources had control of the entire Upper Campos.

Excavations brought to light parts of the Dorian temple of Artemis which is dated around the 3rd century B.C. Also parts of the parliament, the fountain, the entrance as well as an important greek residence with a central courtyard.

It is worth mentioning that the location of the ancient acropolis has been determined but has not yet been dug up. The entire area has been declared an archaeological site as it is surrounded by relics of the ancient city. This way the surroundings are protected from violent weathering.

Ahaia Archaeological Sites - Ancient Kleitora Archaeological Site

Ahaia Archaeological Sites - Ancient Kleitora Archaeological Site

The archaeological site of Kleitora is located at Ano Kleitoria and belongs to the city of Lefkasiou. Ruins of the ancient city of Azania, which was built in a plain like most arcadian cities. According to tradition the name came from Kleitora son of Azana. One of its main characteristics are the surrounding walls. Unfortunately only a small part of the walls has been preserved. During the newest excavations a respectable part of the fortification has been brought to light as well as a part of the ancient theatre.

Ahaia Archaeological Sites - The castle of Oria

The castle is dated around 1205 and is located just outside Kalavryta. It is built at an altitude of 1100 m. upon a rock and has a magical view of the city of Kalavryta. It has been linked with the story of Aikaterini Palaiologou in 1463 who leaped from the castle in order to avoid her capture from the Turks. Also on March 21st, 1821 it was from there that the Greeks fired the first cannon against the Turks.

Ahaia Archaeological Sites - The Cave of Lakes

The cave of Kastria is the largest cave known in the area of Kalavryta and Kleitoria, with a spectacular entrance. According to the description of Pausanias the cave is directly linked to the myth of Proitos and Melambodas. It is located 2 klm. North of Kastria and 17kml. South from Kalavryta at an altitude of 800m.


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