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Thraki - North Greece Hotels and Apartments

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thraki  hotels and apartments north greece


Travel Information
Thraki in North Greece
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Thraki - General Information About Thraki, North Greece

Information About Thraki Region

Thraki hotels and apartments north greece

Thrace is a historical and geographic area of the Balkans in southeast Europe. The name Thrace designates a region spread over southern Bulgaria (north Thrace), northeastern Greece (western Thrace) and European Turkey (Eastern Thrace). Thrace borders on 3 seas: the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Sea of Marmara.

In Turkey, Thrace is also known as Roumeli. The historical boundaries have varied. Ancient Thrace (the region where the Thracians had settled) included contemporary Bulgaria, European Turkey, northeastern Greece and parts of eastern Serbia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Thraki hotels and apartments north greece

Its boundaries covered the area between the Danube River from the north, the Aegean Sea to the south, the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea to the east and to the west the Vardar and Great Morava Rivers. The roman province of Thrace was somewhat smaller having the same borders to the east and south. To the north they extended up to Mt Aimos while to the west they only reached the Mesta River.

Thrace has the largest forest region in Greece which covers up to 31% of Thrace’s region.


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