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Macedonia in North Greece
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Macedonia - Museums in Macedonia, North Greece

Information About Macedonia Museums

Macedonia Museums - Archaeological Museum of Veria

Macedonia Museums - Archeological Museum of Veria

This museum holds some of the most important findings from the Hellenistis and Roman Periods. Its collections include: Hellenistic and Roman sculptures, Hellenistic ceramics from the Tombs of Veria, Hellenistic and Roman architechture (columns, column bases, epistyles etc on display in the courtyard), epigraphy from Veria and surrounding area as well as small findings from Vergina and the Kopanou area.

Macedonia Museums - Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Macedonia Museums - Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki can be described as the National Archeological Museum of Northern Greece. Some of the most important pieces on display are the headless statue of Afrodite and that of Emperor Augustus (27BC-14AD), the gold shrine found in the chamber tomb of Vergina containing the bones of –possibly- King Philip II. The shrine is decorated with the star of Vergina, emblem of the Macedonian Dynasty.

Macedonia Museums - Archaeological Museum of Kavala

Macedonia Museums - Archaeological Museum of Kavala

Built next to the park on the left side of the port facing the sea, the Archaeological Museum of Kavala is one of the most important museums in Greece. Among others, its collection includes stone and clay objects from the Neolithic period as well as from the Bronze Age, all findings from the area of the Dikili Tas settlement. There is a separate hall for the findings of Neapolis, such as pieces of the Athena Temple, archaic and classic figurines as well as pottery.

Macedonia Museums - Archaeologival Museum of Polygyros

Situated in the centre of town in the Iroon Square this Archaeological Museum exhibits findings from the entire area of Chalkidiki. More precisely, it displays pieces from the Bronze Age until the Roman Period that were found in Stagira, Toroni, Pyrgadikia, Afyto, Polygyro, Ierisso, Stratoni, and the ancient town of Olynthos. The most important pieces are the incomplete statue of a young male from the Archaic period, weapons and jewelry from the late Archaic and Classic period and the marble head of Dionysus from Ancient Afytos.


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