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Travel Information
Macedonia in North Greece
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Macedonia - Archaeological Sites of Macedonia, North Greece

Information About Macedonia Archaeological Sites

Macedonia Archaeological Sites - Vergina

Macedonia Archaeological Sites - Vergina

The ancient town of Vergina is situated on the northern foothills of Mt Pieria and is proven to be connected to Aigai, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Lower Macedonia. The most significant architectural monuments in Vergina are:

• The royal tombs in Megali Toumpa (Great Tumulus) which include the tomb of King Philip II.
• The royal tombs NW of the town which are believed to include the "tomb of Evridiki".
• The prehistoric necropolis with more than 300 tombs.

Macedonia Archaeological Sites - Archaeological Site of Petron

Macedonia Archaeological Sites - Archaeological Site of Petron

The ancient town lies on the west coast of the Petron lake. Based on the ceramic findings in the area the region was first inhabited at the beginning of the Prehistoric Period (1200 – 600BC) and flourished between the 3rd – 1st century BC. It is a classic example of an town in Upper Macedonia. The excavations have so far brought to light a fortification wall that circles the settlement which built in such a way as to exploit the curvatures of the hill as best as possible.

Macedonia Archaeological Sites - Colony of the Andrion

Macedonia Archaeological Sites - Colony of the Andrion

The most important ancient port town in NE Chalkidiki, the Colony of the Andrion. It was founded in the 7th century BC and stretched out along hillsides for about 600m. Part of its fortification wall still stands as well as some impressive parts of what is believed to be the acropolis. There are also various architectural remains and from the Classic and Hellenistic periods. The cemetery was used from 7th century BC up until the 17th century AD and holds up to 9000 tombs.


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