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Epiros - North Greece Hotels and Apartments

Hotels, Villas and Apartments listed by area in Epiros, North Greece.
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Travel Information
Epiros in North Greece
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Epiros - Cities & Villages of Epiros, North Greece

Information About Epiros Cities & Villages

Epiros - Tsepelovo (Ioannina)

Epiros - Tsepelovo

Tsepelovo is approx 50km form Ioannina and is built on an altitude of 1080m. The village welcomes a great number of visitors every year and offers excellent accommodation facilities and restaurants for its guests.

Epiros - Monodendri (Ioannina)

Epiros - Monodendri

This is one of the prettiest villages in Zagori, built at an altitude of 1060m approx 39km from Ioannina. The village prospered during the 17th and 18th century and many mansions churches and schools were built at that time. This village attracts the most visitors in Zagori and offers excellent lodging facilities and restaurants.

Epiros - Filippiada Town (Preveza)

Epiros - Filippiada Town

Filippiada is a beautiful little town in the Preveza Prefecture built on a junction between the municipalities of Preveza. The town overlooks a fertile valley and the locals are mostly farmers and cattle breeders.

Epiros - Filiates (Igoumenitsa)

Epiros - Filiates

The small town of Filiates is built in a pine forest. It is only 20km from Igoumenitsa.

It is the trade center of the area and the Kalamas river flows next to the town.


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