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Travel Information
Epiros in North Greece
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Epiros - History of Epiros, North Greece

Information About Epiros History

Epiros hotels and apartments north greece

The name Epirus mean "land" and the first registered inhabitants in the area were the Pelasgians from Thessaly. Traces of the Mycenaean civilization have been found in Korytsa.

In the 5th century, the Kings Admitos and Tharypas declared the Mollosians the leading tribe uniting under them all the tribes of Epirus. It is believed that only the Mollosians had kingdoms at the time. Myrtaly, later known as Olymbiada and wife of the Macedonian King Philip, was a descendant of the Mollosian tribe.

Southern Greek Tribes like the Ilians and then the Korinthians settled on the coasts of Epirus and built the cities of Apollonia, Anaktoron, Epidamnos and Amvracia. In the Persian Wars the Amvracians sent 7 ships and 5 soldiers to the battle of Plataies.

From the 6th century, Korinthos managed to obtain financial control over the tribes of Epirus which continued until the beginning of the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC) when the Mollosians sided with the Atheneans and the culture of Attica was introduced to Epirus. This coalition resulted in radical changes in Epirus with the buildings of fortresses, the appointment of ruler and parliament that changed every year, the introduction of local currency, the Attica alphabet etc. The democratic influences resulted in the creation of political federation "the common of Epirus" (232-168 BC) which united the tribes from the Ambracian Gulf to the outfalls of the Aoos river.

King Pyrros, a great warlord from Epirus, known for his expedition in Southern Italy (3rd century BC) and a great asset for the Greek State, made Epirus well known beyond its borders. His expedition in Italy and the calamity it brought on the military population of Epirus later resulted in the impoverishment of his kingdom making it an easy target for the Romans and the destruction of many of its cities and culture.


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