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Travel Information
Epiros in North Greece
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Epiros - Archaeological Sites of Epiros, North Greece

Information About Epiros Archaeological Sites

Epiros Archaeological Sites - Temple of Pythiou Apollo (Arta)

Epiros Archaeological Sites - Temple of Pythiou Apollo

This ancient temple is located in the town of Arta, near the Kilkis Square. It is of Doric order and part of the greater temple of Ancient Amvrakia. The temple dates back to 500BC. An column with an inscription regarding the boundaries of Amvrakia and Charadrou was found in the area.

Epiros Archaeological Sites - Temple Ariou Dios (Ioannina)

Epiros Archaeological Sites - Temple Ariou Dios

Ruins of the Temple were found in the area believed to be the location of Passarona, the capital of the Mollosians on the foothills of the Gardikiou hill, 11km west of Ioannina near Rodopi.

A fortified Acropolis, built in the 4th century BC by the Romans, lies on the peak of the hill. This area was later used as a cemetery.

Epiros Archaeological Sites - Ancient Dodoni (Ioannina)

Epiros Archaeological Sites - Ancient Dodoni

According to the legends and references to Dodoni, great interest was created in finding the ancient town. In the 1950s the excavations bring to light a theater and various findings (pottery, statues, coins) which are displayed in the Archeological Museum of Ioannina. The archeological firm and the University of Ioannina re-erected the theater and stadium.

Epiros Archaeological Sites - Amvrakia (Arta)

Epiros Archaeological Sites - Amvrakia

In the old town of Arta one can still see sections of the castle and ruins of Ancient Amvrakia as well as the ancient theater near the church of Agios Konstantinos. It is a small theater built in 4th-3rd century BC. The place of the orchestra and four rows of the tiers are still visible. The orchestra is a perfect circle 6.7m in diameter. Further excavations brought many other object to the surface which are now kept in the archeological museums of Arta, Ioannina, Athens and London.


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