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Argosaronic Islands in Greek Islands Greece
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Argosaronic Islands - Cities & Villages of Argosaronic Islands, Greek Islands

Information About the Argosaronic Islands Cities & Villages

Argosaronic Islands - Saint Marina (Aegina Island)

Argosaronic Islands - Saint Marina
(Aegina Island)

Saint Marina is one of the most beautiful villages on the island, the main tourist area due to the fact that the temple of Afaia is found in this region. Saint Marina is16 km from the city and has an appreciable tourist infrastructure. It combines the luscious surrounding landscape with the splendid sea breeze.

Argosaronic Islands - Poros City (Poros Island)

Argosaronic Islands - Poros City
(Poros Island)

Poros is built amphitheatrically round a hill and constitutes the capital city of the island. The city’s port attracts the main part of the tourism. Along the coastal road many houses of neoclassic style have been built such as the two-storied houses, and the graphic back streets. As on most of the islands of Saroniko, Poros constitutes the unique settlement in the island.

Argosaronic Islands - Hydra City (Hydra Island)

Argosaronic Islands - Hydra City
(Hydra Island)

The city of Hydra is built amphitheatrically round the graphic harbour of the island. The city extends round the harbour and impresses the visitor with her characteristic architecture. The old stone mansions of the captains represent the true style of the island. In the entry of this harbour, right and left, the rampants and the hot rods that protected the city give the stamp of her historical identity. The city of Hydra is the unique settlement of island.

Argosaronic Islands - Kasteli Area (Spetses Island)

Kasteli is located on the slopes of Profitis Ilias and it is the oldest district of Spetses Town. Today it is full of box-shaped traditional two-storey Spetsiote houses with clay tile roofs, large coloured windows and jasmine and citrus gardens surrounded by pebble mosaic alleys and a courtyard.


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