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Argosaronic Islands - Archaeological Sites of Argosaronic Islands, Greek Islands

Information About the Argosaronic Islands Archaeological Sites

Argosaronic Islands - Temple of Athena (Aegina Island)

Argosaronic Islands Archaeological Sites - Temple of Athena (Aegina Island)

The temple of Athena Aphaia is built in the northern part of the island in a place covered with pine trees and with a view of the beautiful blue sea. It is in very good condition. Twenty-four pillars of the temple remain, out of a total of 34. It was built in 480 BC. just after the naval battle in Salamina.

Argosaronic Islands - Poseidon's Temple (Poros Island)

Argosaronic Islands Archaeological Sites - Poseidon's Temple (Poros Island)

In the north part of the island there are the ruins of Poseidon's Temple, which was built in 520BC. The main Temple was built in Doric style, though some of its columns were Ionian. In that temple, Dimosthenis tried to hide himself hunted by Phillip from Macedonia.

Argosaronic Islands - Kolona (Aegina Island)

Argosaronic Islands Archaeological Sites - Kolona
(Aegina Island)

Kolona is located on the left of the harbour of Aegina and it was the Acropolis in Aegina in the Ancient times. It was named after its only pillar which remains until today. Kolona was first inhabited in 3500 B.C. which was in the copper era.

The settlement was protected by a wall which was built in 3000 B.C. The settlement was destroyed about ten times and it was re-built. The northern walls have been saved which were built around 1600 B.C. along with some ruins that date back to 1300 B.C. In the southern part there are remains of Byzantine buildings and priests' residences.

Argosaronic Islands Archaeological Sites - Ancient Settlement (Poros Island)

In Kavos Vasili area, in the northern east part of the island, the ancient settlement of the early Copper era is located. This settlement is the oldest one that has been discovered in Troizina to date. Probably the ancient settlement is combined with the discoveries of the destroyed ship that was found near the island and of the same age.


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