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Dodecanese Islands in Greek Islands Greece
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Dodecanese Islands - History of Dodecanese Islands, Greek Islands

Information About Dodecanese Islands History

Dodecanese islands greek islands hotels and apartments greece

The Dodecanese are not only connected geographically, but, also historically. They were desired by many invaders. Archaeological finds have shown that these islands were inhabited from the Neolithic Era. At the height of the Minoan civilization many of the Dodecanese islands had established trade with Crete.

At this time the inhabitants mentioned in history include the Cariens and the Phoenicians. It was when the Dorians established themselves in the islands that a significant chapter in their history was recorded. Trading and maritime matters developed greatly until the Persians arrived. The Dodecanese islands became part of the Athenian Alliance, as with the Cyclades.

During the Roman occupation there was a long period of decline and it was not until the 11 Century that they began to see their economy improve again.

In 1309 the Knights of the Order of St. John arrived and a time of significant economical and cultural developments took place. An example of this is the medieval city of Rhodes, an insurmountable monument of cultural heritage.

In 1522 the Dodecanese surrendered to Turkish rule. During the 1821 Revolution they joined in the fight for liberation only to be conceded to Turkey in exchange for Evia. 1912 saw the islands under the control of the Italians until, finally, on March 7th, 1948, the Dodecanese became Greek.


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