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Cyclades Islands - Archaeological Sites of Cyclades Islands, Greek Islands

Information About the Cyclades Islands Archaeological Sites

Cyclades Islands - Ancient Minoa (Amorgos Island)

Cyclades Islands Archaeological Sites - Ancient Minoa (Amorgos Island)

The ruins of ancient Minoa, one of the three ancient cities of Amorgos, are found at a distance of 3km. from the harbour of Katapolon, on the southern side of a hill. According to archaeological research and the important discoveries of excavations, it appears that the region of the city Minoas was inhabited from the Neolithic era.

The archaeological excavations also brought to light the ruins of a settlement dating from ancient times. The ruins of the settlement date from the 11th century B.C. and according to the historical sources were founded by Ionian settlers. The continuous inhabitation of the region made the rescue of buildings of the geometric era impossible. However, marble ruins of a temple dating back to the 3rd Century BC have been saved.

Cyclades Islands - Ancient Filakoti (Milos Island)

Cyclades Islands Archaeological Sites - Ancient Filakoti (Milos Island)

Ancient Filakopi according to archaeological studies is the first city that belongs to the Procylcladic Age. Its remains are on the road from Plaka to Apollona. The archaeological excavations brought to light findings from three different historic periods that express all phases of the cycladic civilization. Remains of three towns, the one built over the other have also been found.

The first town was built during the protocycladic period (3rd millenium BC), the second during the mesocycladic (2nd millenium BC) and the third, with influence from the minoan civilization which flourished during the histerocycladic period (1500-1100 BC). The most important monuments in this archaeological site are the Kiklopio walls, the Mansion and the Sacred.

Cyclades Islands - Asklipio (Paros Island)

Cyclades Islands Archaeological Sites - Asklipio
(Paros Island)

On the hill of Agios Anna, on the coastal road, the Asklipiou the temple of medicine was revealed. It is an open air temple that is placed chronologically in the 4th century BC. In the same region are the ruins of an ancient temple that was dedicated to Pythio Apollo.

Cyclades Islands - Portara (Naxos Island)

Cyclades Islands Archaeological Sites - Portara
(Naxos Island)

The first thing you see as the ship enters Naxos' port, is Portara. It is built on the small island of Palatia and is the gate to the ancient Apollo Temple, which was never completed. Portara was built in the middle of the 6th BC, when the tyrant, Lygdame, ruled the island. The island, which is called Palatia by the locals, is connected to the tragic myth of Ariadne. According to mythology, Thesseus abandoned Ariadne on the island. It was then that Dionysos saw her and married her. There is another scenario according to which Ariadne was drawn into the sea.

Cyclades Islands - Dimitra’s Temple (Naxos Island)

Cyclades Islands Archaeological Sites - Dimitra’s Temple
(Naxos Island)

Near the village of Sagri, in the area of Giroulas, excavations have brought to light the remains of an ancient temple dedicated to goddess Dimitra. It is a structure dating from the times of the oppressor Lygdamidos (530 BC) and belongs to his ambitious structural program, like the one belonging to his friend from Athens, Pesistratos. The building has a square plan and an inner collonade of Ion style. It is a very rare building,made of marble, half of which has been saved. It gives information about the way the marble roof was made and the first buildings of Ion style. It is the forerunner of classic attic architecture.

Cyclades Islands Archaeological Sites - Halandianis Necropolis (Syros Island)

On the slope opposite the Kastri citadel the archaeologist Tsountas discovered and excavated a very large necropolis with 600 graves. The excavations brought to light, apart from the graves, the bases of residences, remains of walls, tomb decorations of metal and clay, vessels, jewels, weapons of volcanic glass and domestic utensils. It is located in the north western part of Syros and is of the early Cycladic culture of Syros - Kerou of about the 3rd millennium BC.


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