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Travel Information
Lassithi in Crete Island Greece
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Lassithi - Museums in Lassithi Crete

Information About Lassithi Museums

Lassithi - Agios Nikolaos Archaeological Museum

Lassithi Museums - Agios Nikolaos Archaeological Museum

The Agios Nikolaos Archaeological Museum was founded in 1970 and is the second largest on Crete. The museum exhibits emanate from the eastern Crete region and are housed in 8 rooms and date from the Neolithic period to the Hellenic Roman times.

The most important exhibits came from the necropolis of Agia Fotia, near Sitia. Notable exhibits are: a pottery coffin of a child found intact at the Kryon cemetery, a skull with a gold olive leaf crown stuck to it.

Other exhibits include: a limestone idol found in the Pelekiton Cave near Zakros, known as the Goddess of Myrto, examples of gold jewellery of the Minoan period, Roman coins etc.

Lassithi - Sitia Archaeological Museum

Lassithi Museums - Sitia Archaeological Museum

The Sitia Archaeological Museum was founded in 1984, 100 years after the first excavations undertaken in the area. The museum exhibits are presented in 4 rooms covering about 4,000 years from the Neolithic to the late Roman times.

Many of its exhibits emanate from Kato Zakros and Paleokastro with fine examples of Minoan art and techniques.

Lassithi - Agios Nikolaos Folklore Museum

Lassithi Museums - Agios Nikolaos Folklore Museum

The Agios Nikolaos Folklore Museum was founded in 1978 by the Cultural Company of Eastern Crete. The initial collection was a donation from the Tourist Club of Agios Nikolaos, which has been added to over the years.

There are hundreds of examples of Cretan folk art and crafts: a bakery, Cretan costumes and dress, wooden utensils, household items, handicraft equipment and tools, Byzantium icons, hand written books and old documents.

There are two further collections: the weapons of General Ioannis Alezaki and a collection of Cretan cloths and embroideries donated by Mrs Chrissoula Xanthoudidou-Koundourou.

Lassithi - Neapolis Folklore Museum

Lassithi Museums - Neapolis Folklore Museum

The Neapolis Folklore Museum is owned by the Cultural and Folk Art Company of Upper Mirambello and is located on the main square of the town. It is housed in a Baouhaouz building, which was an orphanage. The exhibits reflect the cultural and historical development of the area.

Lassithi Museums - Ierapetra Archaeological Museum

The Ierapetra Archaeological Museum was founded at the end of the 20th during the Turkish occupation, but it was obliged to move many times. Today it is accommodated in the conserved building of the Ottoman Commercial School.

Its collections include: post Minoan art, sarcophaguses, oil lamps and vessel of 1400 - 1200 BC - Geometric art, figurines and vessels of 9th/ 8th century BC - Ancient Hellenic art consisting of idols and tablets of 7th/6th century BC - Hellenic Classical art of the 5th/1st century BC - Hellenic/Roman art of the 1st century BC to 4th century AD with sculptures, statues, Hellenic/Roman coins etc.


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