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Viotia - Central Greece Hotels and Apartments

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Travel Information
Viotia in Central Greece
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Viotia - Cities & Villages of Viotia, Central Greece

Information About Viotia Cities & Villages

Viotia - Arachova

Viotia - Arachova

Situated at an altitude of 940m on the northern edge of Parnassos is the traditional settlement of Arachova or Rachova as it was known throughout the years of the revolution, with a breathtaking view of the valley bellow. The city has a population of approximately 4180 inhabitants.

At this day, due to the rapid growth of many ski resorts in Parnasson and of the wider area, tourism plays an important role in the areas’ economy making it a great tourist resort with a cosmopolitan nature that combines elements of folk architecture: stone houses, paved alleys, mansions, arched gates, historic fountains and beautiful churches.

You must see the traditional weavings, the folk art, the wool carpets, the hand-woven bags and the longhaired rugs, also you should try the local cheese Formaella which is served fried as well as other local recipes.

Viotia - Davleia

Viotia - Davleia

Davleia is a precious jewel built amphitheatrically on the southern foothills of Parnassos at the northwestern part of the prefecture. At an altitude of 402m, near the position of the ancient city of Davlis. The municipality of Davleia is comprised of the districts of Davleia (capital district), Mavroneri and Parore and has a poputaltion of 2398 inhabitants in total. The sights of the area such as the castle of Davleia, The monastery of Jerusalem, the four old water mills etc. will mesmerize you. Its location offers many possibilities to visitors. You can combine mountains and winter sports at the ski resort of Paranassos or you can enjoy the sun and clear-blue sea in the nearby coastal areas.

Viotia - Kyriaki

Viotia - Kyriaki

Kyriaki is located at the western slopes of Elikonas at an altitude of 710 meters, in a beautiful and green landscape. This beautiful village has 2470 inhabitants, that love and take pride in its beauty. They still speak in an Arberesh dialect.

Three different routes connect the village with the rest of the prefecture. A 24 klm. road amongst fir trees connects Kyriaki with the capital city Livadeia. Also following Distomo and Steiri an the way to Elikona. The third option is through Agia Triada and Arvanitsa. There is also a small road connecting Kyriaki with Arachova, in only 30 minutes you can be in the town of Parnassos.

Viotia - Kaparelli

Viotia - Kaparelli

A modern village, Kaparelli, capital of the Municipality of Plataia, is rightly considered one of the most beautiful villages of the wider area. The population reaches 1683 inhabitants and is situated at an altitude of 320m very close to the historic 7 gate city of Thebes.

At the center of the village there is a square where the holy temple of Saint Panteleimonas, of Byzantine rhythm, overlooks. He is the patron saint of the village and a festival is held each year on July 27 in his honor, with traditional music and beg crowds. It was built during the Frankish period (1204-1460).

In 1904, at the expenses of the congregational fund and several donations, labors began for the church to obtain the look it has today. The inside of the church is impressive with numerous chandeliers and hagiographies. Many traditional taverns are located at the main square. It is where all visitors get a taste of the hospitality and services of the locals.


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