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Fthiotida - Central Greece Hotels and Apartments

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Travel Information
Fthiotida in Central Greece
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Fthiotida - History of Fthiotida, Central Greece

Information About Fthiotida History

Fthiotida hotels and apartments Central Greece

According to mythology the land of Fthiotida is the birthplace of the Greek civilization. This is where Defkalionas and Pyrra sought refuge after the great flood and gave birth to Protogenia, Amfiktyona and Ellina. This is where the first Amfiktionia was founded and united the prehistoric tribes that later formed the Greek nation. This is where Hercules was worshiped after his triumphs; it is the birthplace of Achilles and many other heroes from Homer’s Iliad.

This is where Leonidas and his 300 Spartians along with the Thespians and other Greeks fought against the Persians at the Gate of Thermopylae (Hot Gates) in 480BC. Their victory against the unbeaten enemy from this strategic point was sabotaged by Efialtis’ betrayal leading to their death.

Fthiotida has since then known many battles, such as the battle of Spercheios where Tsar Samuil met the Byzantine army led by Nikephoros Ouranos, the commander of all Balkan territories in the Byzantine Empire. The armies camped on either side of the river and remained there for several days due to the due to the heavy rainfalls. The Tsar was convinced the Byzantines could not cross the swollen river but Nikeforos Ouranos led his army across during the night and attacked. The Tsar and his son managed to escape by hiding among the dead bodies but according to the legend his wounded arm healed during the long journey home at an angle of 140o.

The third great battled took place south of Alamana in Poria during the first year of the Greek Revolution in 1821 against the Turks. Greece had been under Turkish occupation for 400 years and their army of 8000 men led by Omer Vryonis was heading to Moria when they were intercepted by the Athanasios Diakos, Panourgias Panourgias and Yiannis Dyovouniotis with their bands of Armatoloi (a total of perhaps 1,500 men). It was an uneven battle but the Armatoloi faced the enemy on various battlefields only to be defeated in Alamana. Athanasios Diakos was one of the last to fall. He was captured and led to the Turkish headquarters where he refused Vryonis’ offer to join their side. Vryonis then ordered be impaled on a spit. The fourth great battle of Fthitida belongs to Velouhiotis, Zervas, their men and the British allies. During WWII (24th Nov.1942) by the Forgopotamos bridge the enemy was again close and maybe stronger than in the past.

The German field marshal Erwin Rommel was waiting for war supplies in N. Africa with the intention of transferring them through Greece by rail. The British allies cooperated with the men of Aris Velouhiotis and Napoleon Zervas to stop the arms from reaching the German army. The Greek army blew of the bridge giving the allies time to prepare their attack against the German army.


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