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Travel Information
Evia in Central Greece
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Evia - History of Evia, Central Greece

Evia - History of Evia, Central Greece

Evia hotels and apartments Central Greece

Evia has been inhabited since the Stone Age. Various artifacts and ruins of ancients settlements have been found in various places around the island, particularly in Chalkida, Amarynthos, Psachna, Karysto, Istiea etc. There are also some findings from the Bronze Age found in Lefkandi and a pre-Hellenistic town in Manika.

Following the sacrifice of Iphigenia, the Greek fleet left from the port of Avlida, next to Chalkida, and sailed towards Troy. The people of Evia, the Avantes took place in this war with 40 ships.

During the second greek settlement the two largest cities of the island, Chalkida and Eretria, created colonies in Greece (Chalkidiki) as well as Southern Italy and Sicily

In the 7th century BC and year long conflict began between Chalkida and Eretria known as the Lelantian War.

In 146 BC, Chalkida was destroyed by the Romans because the city had sided with Achaia against them.

In 1204 Evia is concurred by Bonifacio del Monferrato and the islands renamed Negroponte. Most of the forts built on the area are of that time.

On 08 May 1821 the spark of the Greek Revolution against the Turkish occupation reached Evia. The island finally became part of Greece in 1830.


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