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Travel Information
Evia in Central Greece
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Evia - General Information About Evia, Central Greece

Information About Evia Region

Evia hotels and apartments Central Greece

Evia is the second largest of the Greek Aegean Islands and the second largest Greek island overall in area and population, after Crete. It is separated from the mainland of Greece by the Euboic Sea. In general outline it is a long and narrow, seahorse-shaped island; it is about 150 km (90 miles) long, and varies in breadth from 50 km (30 miles) to 6 km (4 miles). Its general direction is from northwest to southeast, and it is traversed throughout its length by a mountain range, which forms part of the chain that bounds Thessaly on the east, and is continued south of Évia in the lofty islands of Andros, Tinos and Mykonos.

Evia Prefecture is somewhat larger than the island, and includes two municipalities on the mainland, Anthidona and Avlida, as well as the island municipality of Skyros. At the 2001 census the prefecture had a population of 215,136 inhabitants, whereas the island itself had a population of 198,130. The prefecture's land area is 4,167.449 km², whereas the total land area of the municipalities actually on the island is 3,684.848 km², which includes that of numerous small offshore islets (the largest of which is Petalioi Island, near Euboea's southeastern tip).

Evia hotels and apartments Central Greece

Among the rest population, there are two sub-groups on the island, who live there since the early Middle Ages: the Arvanites and the Vlachs. Arvanites traditionally occupy portions of the southern tip of the island and are concentrated today in the area around Cape Kafireas also known as Cavo D' Oro, where the Arvanitika are still spoken by the villagers. The area southern of Aliveri is the northernmost limit of their presence in Évia. Arvanites settled Evia in the 14th century during the Venetian rule of the island. The Vlachs are largely assimilated and live in the hilly and mountainous area in central and northern Evia. The Vlach language is not spoken as much as it once was. Evia also formerly hosted a large Sarakatsani population who emigrated from the mainland of Central Greece and Epirus at the beginning of the 19th century and settled around Mandoudi and Agia Anna. The population of the island according to the census of 2001 was 198,130.


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