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Travel Information
Evia in Central Greece
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Evia - Archaeological Sites of Evia, Central Greece

Information About Evia Archaeological Sites

Evia Archaeological Sites - Lelantio – Eretria

Evia Archaeological Sites - Lelantio – Eretria

Approx 8km from Chalkida lies Lefkanti. Lefkanti was founded in the Bronze Age and reached its peak in the Geometric Period. The tombs of Tumba, Skoubri, and Paleon Perivolion as well as the items found inside them, signify the financial prosperity of this port town in those times.

From 700BC onwards, Lefkanti started to decline giving way to the upcoming naval power of Eretria, a town 22km from Chalkida. The following sites are open to the public : The ruins of the ancient wall that surrounded the town as well as the Entrance Gate. The Iroo and Anaktoro built in 8th and 4th century BC respectively, the ancient theater from the 5th century BC with the arched underground passage that joined the Stage and the Orchestra. A 4th century mansion with mosaics and the temple of Apollo.

Evia Archaeological Sites - Karystos

Evia Archaeological Sites - Karystos

Karystos is the capital of South Evia. It is an ancient settlement and is mentioned in many historical manuscripts. There are many findings from the area such as the temple of Apollo along with other smaller samples from the town’s rich past. These items are on display in the little archeological Museum. There are many Medieval monuments as well such as the Castle of Castelo Rosso and Burzi.

Evia Archaeological Sites - Edipsos

Edispos was a very important town due to its therapeutic springs. The town prospered during the Roman years. At the hydrotherapy centre by the springs there are parts coins, decorative elements from Ionic columns as well as Greek and Roman anaglyphs. The roman spas can be found near Agii Anargyri.


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